written by Lainie Holmes

I am ready to follow my heart
and see where it takes me.
That quiet whisper within
that’s been trying to guide me.
I will listen.
I will step into the woods.

I will be led into the unknown
with only the hope that something beautiful
is awaiting me.
There will be leaps of faith and great questioning,
but through the uncertainty,
my trust will unwaver,
my heart will stay indomitable.
I was meant to do this.
No one but me.

I will feel my way through,
even if it makes me feel vulnerable or uncertain.
I will learn to settle into silence so I can listen.
I will learn to soften so I can be present. 
This path is meandering,
as it’s meant to be.

I will trust 
my curiosity will fuel my movement,
my mind will discover meaning,
and my body will say when it’s time to rest.
My soul, she knows the way.

I will face the path of trials
with a relentless determination.
Bravely going places that are hard,
knowing that’s where my gifts await. 
Great unearthings will release the weight I’ve carried,
so I can continue with a lightness in my step,
and a glow in my heart.   
I will keep going.

I will do things I’ve never done.
I will go beyond what feels comfortable,
Because I will not move forward
by staying where I am.

I choose freedom, over control.
I choose love, over safety and comfort.
I choose to feel alive.
To live this wild and beautiful life of mine
with reckless abandon
because I only have

I dare to open myself up
and lay my chest bare,
my heart exposed
with a beaming light
seen by all.

I accept this call
to adventure.

I am not lost.

© The Search for Self