The Search for Self is for the curious mind...

We’re learning from great minds: authors, lecturers, psychologists, teachers, therapists, award winning poets, playwrights, filmmakers, researchers, and storytellers.

We’re exploring topics like: narrative identity, personal growth, relationships, positive psychology, consciousness, spiritual practices, self-awareness, and creative expression.

We’re delving into our life stories for new insight and learning through various themes: perfectionism, belonging, self-care, love, loss, family, body image, death, relationships, money…. 

and we’re showing ourselves compassion through the process.

But I’m scared of going into the difficult parts of my life…
I don’t know what will happen…

It does feel scary.  You’ve held it together for so long and you’re not sure what will happen if you go there.  But holding on to these things consumes a lot of your energy, whether you realize it or not. Imagine the ease you could feel if it was no longer there.

We all have experienced difficult times, disappointments, and hurt.  But how you have responded in these moments speaks to what makes you unique.  This is exactly why you need to delve into your story. It’s where your power lies.  

Here’s how it works…

A collection of new materials will be added to our password protected site each month. Collections are designed around a common theme and will include: 

  • readings, talks, excerpts from great books…[all from great minds], paired with reflective questions designed to get you thinking about who you are and what you want in your life

  • creative processes to reflect on what’s important to you, further strengthening that connection with self

  • self care practices (letter writing, morning pages, tarot, new moon / full moon rituals…)

  • gentle nudges to do something for you

  • creative classes! Take a class and learn something new without any additional costs.

  • inspirational quotes to journal from or add to a notebook

Go through and wander at your own pace. Explore what you like, when you have time for it. Everything is bite-sized and meant to act like as a spark.

And to be transparent, these materials will eventually make their way into a published book that Lainie is currently working on (so materials are owned by The Search for Self). Isn’t that cool?! You get a peek at some of the pieces inside before anyone else does…

  • benefit from and act on the ideas and thinking now; why wait for 2-3 years for the book to come out?
  • feel the support of community. There is a whole group of us out there on personal searches. You’ll have a chance to meet them in our monthly Zoom calls.
  • share what made a difference for you and the pieces in the collection you found useful. This book will be made better for other women because of you.

In addition to the monthly food for thought, you will also get…

  • to explore all the materials posted before you joined
  • monthly Zoom calls with Lainie + other women in the group
  • a free one month pass to give to a loved one or friend
  • a monthly newsletter that provides an overview of the newest pieces being added to the collection
  • discounts on other fun projects or courses Lainie creates

I love it! How do I join?

Two easy steps:

Choose a pass to access the collection.
Register by sharing a bit about yourself.

Interested? Let’s get you started by clicking below and answering a few questions…