What is the time commitment for this? I don’t know if I can handle anything else right now…
I hear you. I have three kids and life is b.u.s.y. The Search for Self is meant to be flexible and light. Anything shared is short and sweet. Sign in when you want. Check out the pieces that are interesting to you and leave the rest.

What kind of things are you sharing?
Journaling prompts, a paragraph from a great book, an idea, something to try… little snippets. Topics may include: perfectionism, self-care, love, belonging, death, relationships, money, family, loss ….

Do I have to do everything?
No, choose what is calling you. This is supposed to be an adventure and one that will teach you to listen to your heart.

I don’t really get what you are doing. What is this exactly?
It’s my way of getting creative and sharing a book with others before publishing it. Why wait 3 years for me to write it, when you could possibly benefit from it now. This is a unique opportunity to access five years worth of research and learning before anyone else does.

What will I get from this?
What you take away from this experience is up to you. The Search for Self is not about an end result and promises. It’s about a safe space where you can reflect and start unpacking the different pieces in your life so you can live differently today. I’m not sure what you will find and I think that’s exciting. It means that you will uncover and create something new that is important and meaningful to you.

I don’t have money for this right now. Do you offer anything for free?
You can follow @thesearchfor_self on Instagram. I will try to post little pieces there when I can. I would also like to be the voice that tells you you’re worth $26 a month. This is something for you and I would be surprised if you got nothing from it.

Is this like having a life coach?
No and yes.

No — because ultimately, you will be doing this on your own. You won’t have a guide nudging you which way to go. You won’t have someone holding you accountable and making sure you take advantage of what’s shared. So if you need accountability and someone to keep you going, this likely won’t be a good fit.

and Yes — if you are engaging with the materials on your own, setting aside time to reflect and do the work, you will feel like you have a life coach. You will have someone planting seeds and challenging your thinking. So if you are self-motivated, love learning and thinking, and are open to taking charge of this experience, this is for you.

Do I have to share my personal stories with others?
No, you don’t. Expect a very private and personal experience.  Digging into who we are and the experiences that have shaped us is personal work.  You can engage anonymously with the materials posted and your path won’t be marked for others to see. When you are feeling braver, we’d love for you to join our monthly Zoom call.

Since this collection will be in a published book, can I share it with others?
The pieces I’m sharing on the website (the activities, my reflective prompts, excerpts from books, etc.) will be going into a published book. The prompts and activities have been created by me, so I ask that you don’t share them with others. So for example, you wouldn’t pass a document along to a friend to say, here, try this. You wouldn’t go through one of my processes step by step with others (as in here’s an activity to try as though it were your own).

And at the same time, I don’t want people to be afraid to share their experiences from The Search for Self. I think sharing our experiences is really important – it’s what connects us. So please share, we did this activity where we thought about ______ and I had a huge ah-ha… and then tell your story. I think if we stick to sharing our personal stories and learning, versus the exact processes and how, that would help me a lot.

Will we be a part of your book?
I would love for this book to eventually include a collection of women’s stories. It would be so powerful for another woman to pick up the book and feel like we are all there for her.

So if you choose to share a personal story at some point or a reflection that I think might make a beautiful addition to the book, I would absolutely, without a doubt, ask your permission first.  I would share how I’m thinking it might fit into the book, whether you would like to stay anonymous or not, and we would sign a permission form together (a step required by a publisher).  To me, first and foremost, The Search for Self is about your experience.