Are you feeling a bit lost?
I’m not sure who I am or what I enjoy anymore…

Knowing who you are at heart is deeply personal and individual –
it’s not something discovered by following a set program or offering.
It’s through your own story that you will find the answers you’re looking for.

The Search for Self gives women creative processes and a private space to revisit their life experiences so they can gain clarity, closure, and a new way to move forward. Writing tasks will have you revisit key moments in your life, reflective prompts will help you gain insight and meaning, and self-care practices will help shift your current ways of being.
Your story has much to teach you if you are willing to go there…

I don’t have time to explore my life story,
my days already feel like a blur

Between balancing work, home, your partner, kids… spending time on you probably doesn’t happen.  Or if it does, you likely feel guilty that your focus isn’t elsewhere. But you’re feeling stretched, tired, and like a version of yourself that you don’t even recognize anymore. 
On the surface, everyone thinks you’re doing great, but you know different. You know that you have some deeper work to do. You just need a place to start that feels do-able.

here’s how it works…

  • access new materials being added monthly to a private platform (excerpts from books, articles, talks… all paired with reflective prompts that will help you go deeper into the material). Monthly collections are based on central themes related to the human experience: time, roots, beginnings…
  • connect with other women going through similar self-explorations through a monthly Zoom call (*optional participation)
  • and learn to show yourself compassion and care through self care practices (letter writing, morning pages, tarot, new moon / full moon rituals…)

here’s what women in The Search for Self have to say…

“The Search for Self is a gift I gave to myself that reminds me to prioritize ME through self-reflection, expression, and creativity that I didn’t realize was missing in my life. It challenges me to dive deep into the dark corners I’ve been great at ignoring and has brought to light a much-needed new self-narrative focused on self-compassion, kindness, care, and love.”

“Being a part of the Search for Self nudges me to set aside time to connect with myself, with ideas, and with others. I can enter into these connections in ways that are familiar and comfortable or I can choose to step outside of my defaults and explore new thinking and understanding.”
– Kim

“Lainie has this ability to hear a story and not provide judgement. She embraces all that it is and asks questions that further the desire to go deeper, even to the darkest parts we might not want to go. Lainie provides a safe space to unpack it all. You’ll be asking yourself, why didn’t I start this sooner?”

I love how this sounds…
how do I sign up?

The Search for Self might be the adventure for you…

…if you like beautiful and meandering processes. You know that true learning, the kind that changes how you see the world, takes time. You want to explore what interests you, when it means something to you, and when you have time for it. You need to find your own way and make your own choices. And you need the privacy and space to do this on your own. You’ll connect with others if you need inspiration or a feeling of connection.

I wish I had time for this… 

You are incredibly driven and get things done when it comes to others.  Imagine what could happen if you put that same care and commitment towards yourself.

You love thinking and learning because you know its potential for change.  Imagine what you could learn if you turned that curiosity inward.

You are incredibly reflective, always looking for meaning and connection.  Imagine if you could use your skills to find those things for yourself.

The Search for Self is a way into your stories. It’s that supportive nudge you need to move forward differently.  It’s time for your heart to feel at ease, to strengthen the relationships in your life, and to do work that feels fulfilling.  It’s time for you to live a life well-lived.